About Us

We are a collective brAIn that
lives to create solutions.

A group of multidisciplinary experts who have focused in deeply understanding the opportunities of different industries,to present a unique point of view that allows optimizing processes and achieving any objective.
Always through technology, data, insights and content.
Market Assessment

We fusion client data with market research to identify opportunities for growth in a specific market and formulate actionable strategies to realize this growth.

Digital Marketing

Our team will help you promote your products using the right tools such as digital advertising, social media platforms, and data analytics to create a better brand and customer experience.

Product Development

Through design thinking we focus on all stages of product development, such as engineering, creation, design, and business development.

Business Intelligence

Might it be a cost strategy, a differentiated product or service strategy, or focusing on a niche strategy, it's our drive to understand your strengths and weaknesses to take you closer to your goals.

Go-To-Market Strategy

K2 develops tailored commercialization and positioning strategies to create competitive advantage and value for its customers.

Performance Marketing

When designing a campaign ROI is always on our mind and that's why measurable results are so important. We lead traffic your way and that's when you pay.