We believe your workforce is your greatest asset. As such, we are keen on the idea that a captivating and compelling training program is essential for corporate development. MASAMO is a flexible, user-friendly, and top-notch learning management system with the power to strengthen your company from the inside.

Our LMS was created by industry experts who saw first hand what practical, simple, and engaging training could do for businesses. Their experiences laid the foundation MASAMO stands on today: applying expert knowledge and technology to boost companies through empathic and comprehensive training programs.

We help you deliver quality education to your employees in a simple manner.
Therefore we offer an easy-to-use, highly customizable interface for companies to develop learning environments where education is not just a requirement but an engaging experience.

We pride ourselves in understanding the final user and constantly developing better and more innovative ways to make employees feel both compelled and rewarded through training. With outstanding features such as gamification or prize and content marketplaces, MASAMO offers a dynamic platform that caters to your employee’s needs. Through practical features like customizable dashboards, reports, evaluations, or certificates, our LMS reverses the forgetting curve and ensures training completion. And through tech-savvy features like AR functionality or third-party integration with other apps, MASAMO brings corporate education to a whole different level by making it more appealing and more attainable.

We are a place where development, education, and emotional connection happen.
We are a platform with the power to take your company to the next level.

Masamo helps you transform your expertise, your knowledge, and your company’s essence into a robust and engaging training system.